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Online Casino Selection

For first time online casino gamblers, deciding where to gamble is a big choice. It takes a lot of time. First of all, there are all the rumors about how some online casinos rip people off. Next, you have to decide if the place is really good or not. Finally, there’s the whole getting your money back thing. I’m here to give you—even if you are not a first time online gambler—a few quick tips on selecting an online casino. Follow these tips and you’ll never go wrong.

Tip One: Credibility

The first thing you want to find out is how trustworthy an online casino is. That can be accomplished by visiting your local search engine and typing in the casino’s name. See what comes up. If it looks like websites are advertising the casino that could be a good sign. Next, search again, but add words like: scam, rip off, legal action, illegal, refund and arrested to your search. “Casino+scam” would be one example.

Tip Two: Bonuses

So, you found the perfect casino to play at. Wait! Don’t go running off to deposit money. First, let’s find out how much the casino is willing to give you to play there. That’s right. Every online casino offers bonus money to first time depositors. However, they sometimes allow affiliates to offer more. Additionally, there are some affiliates who will pay actual goods to sign up through them.

Go back to the search engine and type in the casino’s name and add the word “bonus” to the search. See what comes up. Select some sites and go bonus hunting. Keep a note of the best bonus you have found. When you are done searching, go sign up and get your nice bonus.

Tip Three: Depositing

Never use your credit card or checking account to deposit money into an online casino. Also, don’t wire or send money via postal mail. Instead, use a third party service like NETeller or FirePay. You can send your money to these trusted services instead. Then when you want to play at an online casino, you simply initiate an instant transfer.

By doing it this way, you keep your financial information in one location. You can also get an ATM card so you can withdraw your money instantly from any ATM. It’s really the only way to gamble online.

So, stay smart out there. These three tips will help keep you secure and put cold hard cash into your pockets.